Friday, May 20, 2005

semi automatic washer

Let me tell you about my semi automatic. It’s a washing machine not a weapon (that will be the title of my book). I love my washing machine- it is one of the more hilarious things in our house. On the side of the box when we bought the thing it said “semi- automatic”. I wondered what that meant, then I read the directions. First you fill the tub with water- I use to have a hose that did this but it leaks so now I fill it with a bucket. If you want hot water wash you boil water and fill the tub with that. Then you add laundry, soap flakes and turn the dial for it to rotate. Normally I let it rotate around for something like 15 minutes. Then you take the laundry out of the tub and put it in the spinner. I use the same wash water a couple of times because water is a premium and it isn’t like its clean water anyway. The laundry spins and then when I’ve used the wash water as much as I want to (normally twice) I drain the wash water. Then I turn the plug again and fill the tub with fresh water for rinsing. I let the rinse water rotate with the laundry for 15 minutes or so and then take out the laundry and put it in the spinner. The spinner really works very well. Between that and the excellent breezes we get here, laundry gets dry incredibly fast.

I have a clothesline on the roof. There is nothing better than clothes blowing in the wind- it’s the answer my friend. I’m pretty sure Bob Dylan was reflecting on clothes drying on the line when he wrote that. Again its one of those Mennonite, God’s creation, simplistic beauty kind of things I just dig.
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