Wednesday, June 08, 2005

busy days and odds and ends

Lots of busy days the last few weeks and it looks like more to come. We are having house guests stay upstairs for about 3 weeks. Three days after they leave my mom is coming for a visit and she will stay a month. I'm really looking forward to seeing my mom. Everything else is just kind of hurdles until she comes.

Setting up the rooms upstairs and trying to decide what people need and what would be nice to have. It isn't much really. Two rooms and a bathroom. One room has a bed, wardrobe, small chest of drawers, and a desk. The other room has a carpet, coffee table, bookshelf and a few outdoor resin chairs. Not really much. We've yet to hang anything on the walls upstairs and there are no curtains. We barely have things on the walls downstairs, but I'm looking into fixing that. But what does someone really need in their room. I sympathize with people running hotels. It isn't like people just sit around in their rooms on vacations. But then some people do. Can't have a tv- they are way too expensive, there is only one channel, and the finance police would want to tax me on having two tvs (see previous post). I put some clean drinking water, cups, kleenex, matches, candles, and a flashlight upstairs. Those are really the basics of daily living. Maybe a hot pot for water... Maybe a stackable shelf in the bathroom... hangers would be good...

Oh while I'm thinking about it. If you are just itching for pictures of us (namely our kid and a little of us) drop me a proper email and I'll send you our snapfish albums. I figure if you know me then you have our email, otherwise you might me scary and you only get the blog pictures.
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