Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I have a nightstand where all the essentials are kept. Lotion, chapstick, alarm clock, coaster, glass of water, pen, paper, deodorant. The night stand is at @ height and he loves to stand and pull things down off of it. Sometimes he is content to just toss them on the floor, like my vitamins. Somethings he has to take with him throughout the house, deodorant and chapstick are two favorites for this. So this morning I'm off early to the police station again. Need to get dressed quick and go. Go to the night stand for the deodorant. No luck. Get down on hands and knees and look under the bed and night stand. Jonathan hears my mutterings and comes to help with the search. He remembers @ in his wardrobe yesterday. My husband walks over to the wardrobe reaches under some clothes and finds my deodorant. I'm going to start keeping it there for now on.
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