Thursday, December 01, 2005

our weekly meeting

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Wednesday we recieved another call from immigration- they couldn't read Jonathan's handwriting very well, could we come back in on Thursday morning.  So we went in and of course it was so much more than about Jon's handwriting.  They did ask for clarification about Heyworth Elementary School but that seemed very much trumped up.  He promised we were done, pretty sure we'll be seeing him or an associate of his again.  Hopefully not until after I get some more stuff sold. 
Here's what happens.  Given the recent inquiry of our positions here we have decided to downsize.  Presently we have a huge 10 room house full of furniture, most of which doesn't belong to us.  The people who do own the furniture are here and we have asked them to find another place to store it.  We're trying to move out of our house and move into another small furnished place.  We love our house but we don't think it would be wise for us to have to try to leave on 5 days notice- which is what was given to some friends of ours.  So we downsize.  Giving back what we have borrowed.  Selling some of our bigger pieces and living with what would come back to the states with us should we have to go.  Now, should the clouds blow by and we're here and get new papers in March and April, we'll move into another house of our own, this time hopefully furnished. 
Anyone of you imagine moving out of your house on 2 weeks notice.  But instead of you not owning the fridge, stove and kitchen cabinets, you do own them.  Everything on a wall you own.  Your closet, that has to go too.  houses here are straight block wall, no closets or cut ins.  So you buy all of that separately.  Well when you leave in a hurry that has to come too.  Hopefully we'll sell all of that and our friends will only need to take care of the truck.  That will take 3 weeks to sell after they find a buyer.  Hopefully a buyer in usd not local currency.  I love moving so much. 
I bet Dixie chicks don't have to move in a hurry...
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