Friday, June 30, 2006

airports are just get better

Truly, cool airport. Chiangi Airport in Singapore, really lovely. The other night when we arrived from Hong Kong, not as cool really. I was exhausted and barely awake and the line for immigration looked forever long. Some nice immigrations lady (really, it happens) called us to another line reserved for Sing residents so that the family with the baby could get through. Another lady we met in Hong Kong helped us get reservations at the hotel she was staying at which was completely wonderful because the town is pretty well booked up, lots of conferences etc. Got to the hotel and we all slept until about 2:00p.m. the next day (really necessary). Had pizza, went out and explored. Talked about the world and all that it has. Lovely day.

Singapore is really something. Its huge and busy but quite friendly and nice. Trees everywhere. The temperatures aren't crazy hot either, mostly just humid.

Anyway, so we are in the airport like 2 hours early for our flight and we have a chance to just wander and chill while we're awake and alert (never happens that we are in an airport when we are rested and alert). And it is huge and big but really nice and user friendly. And the cool new trend in airports, computer internet terminals for the times you don't bring your own laptop. Its not real high speed but its nice.

Off to explore the future. I'm hoping to post again but it maybe when we get back to Sing's airport.
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