Friday, September 29, 2006

my favorite new story

Its been a while since we were in the states during harvest and so I forgot how much I love these stories. Farmer finds out he has leukemia. He has 1400 acres to harvest. How does man undergoing treatment for leukemia get 1400 acres out of the field? His friends show up with 3 or 4 combines and they set to work. They expect to have the harvest finished in 3 days. You get a few stories of it every year but they never fail to remind me that I had the privilege of growing up in a great place.

For those that don't know 3 days of missed harvest in your own feild means longer, colder nights in your own fields, missing fall tileage (for some), and a lot of headache and anxiety. 3 days of harvest is no small gift.

I was going to link the story but wcia didn't post it.
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