Thursday, October 26, 2006

EIU homecoming

Parade weekend and I love parades. We went up to the square to watch which was conveniently located to Jackson Ave. Coffee house. So cappucino and parades.

Sad story though, the EIU community has done such a good job at running off the small town high school bands by being ugly college kid drunks. In the last few years the only band to play was EIUs. This year the city approached the student community with the message that things were going to change. The mayor got together businesses to put money up for a band competition and made an offer to the bands that they would be taken care of. After raising 3000$, the city mangaged to get 2 bands, Stew Straus and Cumberland. The ROTC marched alongside them and even tried to whip up the crowd for them. Cumberland won first place and Stew Straus won second. They both took home prize money.

All in all a good day, nice floats and two sweet high school bands. EIU was pretty nice too.
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