Wednesday, October 11, 2006

favorite new show

So the show that I've gotten hooked on completely by accident: Miami Ink. Its on TLC and I guess I started watching it one evening for lack of anything else but I love it. The first episode I watched a nice older lady (60ish) came in wanting a tattoo of a toasted cheese that somehow had an image of the Madonna in it. That's right folks, the virgin Mary Mother of God appeared in a toasted cheese crust. She had it tattood at the top of her left breast. Now tell me how you can not be enthralled by that kind of TV. That is sheer clean entertainment. Its nice too because you hear the story of why people get all of these tattoos. They have deep personal significance for folks. Every episode you've got someone crying about dead relative that they got tattoo in memory of. I know some of it is made up for TV, but even if its a little true, that's nice.

So everyone go watch yourselves so Miami Ink.
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