Friday, December 22, 2006


so blogger gets more cumbersome to use all of the time. They want me to switch to Beta desperately. Everytime I go into my account it is harder to find the tab to sign in at because they keep replacing it with tabs for google account users and beta users (which maybe the same thing for all I know). So here's the thing, do I switch? This mornings advert is that "Blogger is out of Beta". Supposedly meaning that everyone hated it (or at least from the people I heard tell about it) and so they have something new that is easy and not beta. But the address lines all addressed beta when i flipped through the advert. The features sound lovely. I would kind of like to have one private blog and one for public. I would like to know how to actually change the template and put in links a bit easier. But somehow I suspect that can't actually be accomplished as easily as the nice folks at blogger claim it can be.

So suggestions anyone? Live Journal i'm not in love with, I think you have to pay and it looks like I need to be a little tech savy but I could be sold. Typepad I really like the layout of their sites but I suspect I could be in over my head. Xanga and MySpace look like dating websites and I don't need a date, my husband is taking me out tonight.

Does anyone else have an impossible time commenting on Jake's Blog?

So typepad is out of the running. No paying for blogs for amoore. Due to karen's suggestion though, I'll interview livejournal. I'm not a snob really, I just don't want to pay for things.
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