Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cultural illiteracy

We went to a Santa Breakfast with @ yesterday. It was really nice but it reminded me again that I don't know some things about the US. There was a Cake Walk. Jonathan had to do it with @ because I couldn't understand the rules. I guess when the music stops the kids take a number and when their number is called they leave the circle and get a sweet. Nice but I didn't think that sounded right. Have I never been in a Cake Walk?

This show "A Christmas Story" is apparently a family tradition with some people. It has a following and people invest in it's memorabilia. I didn't know this show existed until I saw a report about the guy who bought the house it was filmed in. Apparently this guy is so devoted to the movie that he bought the house, renovated back to what it looked like in the film, and opened a tour house that people flock to. Then yesterday I saw some stuff in Target or Wal-Mart that had scenes from this movie in it. Where have I been that I've never seen or heard of this movie?
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