Sunday, December 17, 2006


Today is a wierd thing.

- A year ago today we became refugees to the U.S. We we forced out of our home in Africa.

- Today the Episcopal church in Falls Church VA is voting to leave the denomination and find fellowship with the Anglican's of Nigeria. We were Anglicans a year ago and it was a learning and growing experience. We were blessed and challenged by them. The situation of the Anglican and Episcopal church has been one very near to me.

- Today @ is going to see Santa Claus.

- Today my husband is another step closer to completeing the thesis journey.

- Today we must find the extra check books. A casualty of moving every 6 months is no clue where things get off too.

- Today I'm thankful for where we're at, even if it wasn't where we were "supposed to be". There's a phrase that should never be used.
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