Tuesday, December 12, 2006

turning 30 and 7

I turned 30 yesterday. I woke up and low and behold there it was. I also found myself married for 7 years too. Both are nice. 29 wasn't the greatest year of my life (if you have the choice, avoid 29 go straight for 30) so I'm feeling like 30 may be awesome.

What did I do yesterday?:
- Accidentally made a huge number of choc. chip cookies.
- Delivered cookies to the neighbor girls.
- Watched some of "The Wizard of Oz" really a magical movie.
- Wrapped Christmas presents all afternoon, yep, I'm feeling festive and have enjoyed thinking about giving presents. Really enjoying being in that mood.
- Looked vaguely for the checkbooks but oculdn't find them. Looks like I may be thinking about online bill pay this month (although I don't think I can do that with the water and electric, maybe cash payments to them).
- Learned how to make Orange Juice, thanks to Mr. Rogers.
- More thinking about NASA, a meaningful post about that yet to come.
- Ate chocolate cake way too late in the evening, consequently not such a bright and shiny wake up this morning.
No candle blowing out or parades, just a day. A nice way to start out an awesome year 30.
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