Wednesday, January 31, 2007

rather small

A few weeks ago my friend Karen made her blog closed to non friends. I asked her to make me a live journal account so that I could be her friend and read her blog. karen kindly obiliged and suddenly I found myself with a new blog over at live journal. Who knew? I've been feeling rather bad about just letting it be my door to karen so today I tried setting it up. Jonathan and I have been talking about having a photo blog but don't really want to have to be obligated to doing a city on a daily basis. Permanence like that hasn't happened in a while. So i thought that perhaps we could use the live journal account that karen gave us as a not so daily, daily photo blog about wherever we happen to be living. Now you can go check out a daily photo, sort of, at Not As Daily . We'll try to work it up a bit more but in the end the reader needs to remember we are decidedly low tech.

In the course of all of this blogging I checked out my friend Tammy's blog. Now Tammy is cool and I like to call her my friend so that it might sound like that I'm cool. Every now and again I'll click through some of the links in her blog. One of her friends and coworkers is Dave Ferguson. Now it seems that Dave Ferguson maybe cooler than Tammy because he is on the list of 20 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading. I checked the list and I'm not reading one of the them, nor am I one of them, nor do I really plan to read any of them on a consistent basis.

All of that to say: I know cool people, who know cooler people but I am not one of them but you should read my blog and look at my pictures.

Goodness blogs are silly.
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