Friday, February 09, 2007

3 weeks of dr. visits

A couple of fridays ago we went into the health dept to get vaccinations, which ended in shots for the boys. Last friday we went to the dr. with a red weapy eye and an ear infection, @ walked away with 2 Rx. Today we went to the dr. with a fever and an ear infection, @ got 2 shots of antibiotic and a new Rx. Thought about having the dr. look at Jonathan and I but I'm pretty sure we've got matching chest colds. Yuck.

Moving isn't that much fun but it really isn't fun to be sick and move. Although in all honesty this is a pretty easy move given that most of the stuff we can ID already as my mom's house, Jon's folks house, moving with us. And if we have a question we've both decided that it goes to thrift. I'm parting with things a little easier this time around. I've made my peace with use it, give it away or toss it because no one really wants that either.

How do you like my new blogger? They pushed me into the switch because you all know I wasn't doing it on my own.
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