Saturday, April 14, 2007

since your not reading this

I have this sitemeter thing enabled for the blog (i'd link it but why) that counts the number of hits and where the hits are located on a weekly basis. I guess its kind of nice. Largely i've ignored the thing. Every now and again I'll check but it seemed like Jonathan was checking my blog about every 20 minutes so I stopped. I talked to Jonathan about this and he seemed to think that maybe it wasn't that often. Well the last couple of weeks I've opened the sitemeter email only to find that literally no one has stopped in for a peak. It gives me an hour by hour list, of zeros. Ironically about 2 weeks ago I linked our blog sites to our email signature, in thoughts that there might be a wider audience who would like to hear how we are and see our pictures. Granted the last few blogs have been about the everyday (the tape player essay didn't grab any hits, can you imagine?) but the site meter isn't very affirming. Think its time to ditch sitemeter and go back to being a rock star in my head.

No sympathy comments just to pander to my rock star status.
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