Sunday, May 06, 2007

roller coaster week

This last week has been a full one. We got word on Tuesday morning here that some friends of ours in our last home went to jail. That was surprising because this particular type of arrest hasn't happened before. Its never good to be first when it comes to things like that.

We're also still grappling with the ongoing drama that is Jonathan's thesis. All week its been up and down. Yes, its worth finishing and no problem passing; Oh Gee, I don't know if its good enough. Everyday a new answer, everyday a new round of stomach churning and wondering.

Our friends were released from prison on wednesday or thursday (the time change confuses us) and it sounds like they are ok. What ok means after being in prison I don't know?

Jonathan's final word as of the close of business Friday is "this is going in the right direction". It needs to be at its final right place on Monday noon in the US, midnight here. How nice is that; Jonathan gets to defend the silly thesis when it was largely written, in the midnight hours. Just can't wait to have it done. But at the moment we're starting to bristle to have it finished. In the timeless words of Tom Petty "the waiting is the hardest part."

Off for laundry, playing with @ and of course an afternoon of homework.
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