Monday, August 13, 2007

home for now

We've been out to Singapore for a week and so coming batk home is always a little disorienting after living in a hotel room together. The YMCA is great iSing but you need to kind of be ready for whatever room they end up putting you in. We had booked a family deluxe, we got there and they had the 3 of us for a single. We bargained out at a double. Meaning 2 twins and crib for @. Got a little tight with all of the shopping we did. But considering the amount of shopping we often do when we are out it wasn't that much. To put it in perspective we came home with 2 manageable carryon backpacks and 3 underweight, (FRED did you read UNDERWEIGHT!!) pieces of luggage. Now by underweight, the limit was 20 kg (~40 lbs). Is that not incredible? You have to have helped us pack to appreciate the marvel and the spectacle that underweight is for us.

Presently I'm online generating a flikr account. Yahoo Photos sent me a notice that I needed to do something with the pictures there because they are closing out yahoo photos. Didn't know I had any pictures over at Yahoo photos but ok. So I thought I might play over at Flickr for a little bit with a cool free membership. That was when I thought I had like 1 photo. Just checked on the progress and I have some 96 photos. I don't know what there of. Looks like the first batch is the christmas before we left the states in 2002. Pictures of people I don't know, but I know I should know. May just learn a few things here. I'm hoping that there are some pics of our first couple of years in Africa. The digitals from those years got wiped out when our hard drive crashed, immediately upon arriving home in the US. Major sadness. I have negatives from my 35mm which I cherish now and my scrapbook but I lost a lot.

Anyho back home, back to school today, and now I start planning a mega birthday party for @.
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