Monday, October 08, 2007

the list of what i want to get done

So we're approaching another break between units of language class. Normally during a unit I start thinking of things I would like to do. Actually its really things I would rather be doing than reading a 2 page story on the market economy or cow races on some far out island.

- paint the living room and touch up some walls in the other rooms
- hang a bamboo screen outside of @'s bedroom window (this is a Jonathan job but I'll supervise)
- Stain bamboo screen
- Put up new plastic to the front fence
- financial statements
- scrapbook
- read a fun book
- visit friends in smg
- grocery shopping in smg
- visit market on the outside of town (they are supposed to have whole bean coffee there)
- print photos for @'s bedroom and take them to the frame shop
- hang new curtains in @'s room
- hang train blanket in @'s room
- begin a book review for my completion paper, begin writing interview questions

The painting thing is the biggest part of the deal. I really want to get that done but I need to price paint etc. Our contract hints at us needing to paint the house before returning it to the landlord but frankly it wasn't in such great shape before hand. I'm not sure where our responsibility lies. Truly it wouldn't need painting if they hadn't done such a bad job to begin with. So trying to decide how good of a guy I am on that.

We're doing a lot to @'s room to try to sound proof it a bit. The poor kid's room in right on the street (have I growled about that before). So at 5a.m. when the street vendor is dragging his cart down the middle of the street, @ can't help but wake up. Thus the bamboo screen (for light), the curtains (for sound), the blanket (for more sound absorption). We thought about switching his room with ours, except the guard shack likes to play music and leave the lights on. Then a little old woman normally walks her grandchild past our window at 5a.m. She likes to "coo" or something like that to the child. There is no safe place from noise in our house.
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