Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"You need to buy a TV."

Took our evaluations yesterday for our unit we finished on Friday. The holiday got in the way of things and so we had 5 days between class and evaluations. Fortunately we've been so busy we didn't notice the time and were really thankful for the break it afforded from house work. Anyway, we both passed to the next unit. Jonathan starts 6 and I'll start 7. Fairly excited because this means I am in the last of 3 phases of language learning. That may lead you to believe some level of mastery but really don't let it fool you. Still get a little lost about everytime I'm out talking with folks. The lost bits are smaller but still. We've only been hear something like 8 months.

Funny advice to come out of my evaluation though. Unanimous decision of 2 of my teachers and I have had the suggestion of 2 others before, "You need to buy a TV and start watching TV." Is this the kind of advice you've ever had from your teachers before? I think not. They were also very specific to follow that up with "Don't get Satellite Cable." Except they used the local product name which I didn't know about. Anyway so we're thinking on buying a TV maybe this weekend. We've saved a bit of money for it because everything has to be bought in cash here. Thought we would wait until the end of the year when we were closer to finishing though. My teachers are concerned that I don't hear enough variety in speaking, thus a tv would help. Strange advice still.

On the List front:
- painted @ room with not great paint (we didn't know at the time it wasn't great, but it looks good on the wall)
- painted living room a very relaxing shade of lilac with good quality paint.
- cleaned out the fridge.
- washed laundry
- Jonathan fixed 2 water spigots (which seem to break all the time)
- Been cooking delicious meals for my family
- Took a family trip to the veg. market, still thinking on the coffee market but it may take another day.

** Did I mention we gave our houseworker the week off? When we are in school she is a lifesaver, there is no way we would survive without her. But with all of us out of school for a week we thought we could manage on our own. And we can, just fine. Hopefully she is enjoying some much deserved time off from our craziness.
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