Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the right direction

So a couple of years ago I called out Starbucks for how they run their business. In my opinion, they were interested in driving up profits but weren't remembering little man coffee grower in small developing coffee company. They've been making some efforts in recent months to try to improve their image and probably also bring back a little profit in a slumped economy. This morning I read this article about what Starbucks is doing to improve their image/ coffee and was happy to read that 65% of the coffee they buy comes from sustainable farming practices. Now 65% is still along way from perfection but let's applaud the big man for making an effort. Maybe he'll keep up the good work and we'll see coffee growers holding hands with Howard Shultz on a mountain top with clear skies and John Denver sings and we'll drink coffee together and the world will live as one...sigh.
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