Monday, May 19, 2008

playing with hitler

Feeling pretty good about the houseworker working out ok. She showed up the morning while Jonathan was shaving his head on the front porch (its just the only location that works out) and @ was watching morning playhouse disney while I put together things for school. She took the head shaving in stride which is pretty impressive. She got right to work doing things that I wanted done and I didn't ask her or tell her how to do them. She stayed busy all morning until about the time I went to get @. She ate a bit of lunch and was waiting to play with @ when he got home. Just now she is outside playing with him, making up a pretty good game of bucket ball it looks like. And that is what is most important to me in a houseworker I think. Someone who won't get flustered when my husband inevitably shaves his head on the front porch. Someone thinks @ makes a good playmate and wants to engage him. @ is a pretty easy to play with kid, he'd play with hitler as long as hitler didn't want to touch his face a bunch. That's @ initiation for whether someone can be his friend, the number of times they want to touch his face or head. Anyway, I have some more stuff for her to do this afternoon and maybe later this week we'll get her started on doing some cooking. But playing with @ is a good start on working at my house.
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