Saturday, September 06, 2008

a used bookstore

Jonathan had a meeting with another university this week about cooperative programming between his univ and theirs. It was a good meeting and in the course of talking Jonathan asked about getting textbooks- if they knew anywhere to buy used texts. They told him about Book Box here in town and gave him some vague indications of where it was located. In old town, near the train station- no the other one, and what they thought could be the street name. Loaded with that we spent 2 mornings on a "date" driving around looking for it Both days we didn't find it. We spoke to another friend- vague ideas of where it was at, what it was named, heard it was great, haven 't been there. Sigh. He gave us a rough map though. After driving for 2 days we went out again this morning. And we found it! Amazing. We spent at least an hour in a large-ish room going through used books. @ sat and looked at the rather ample children's section. As we closed in on finishing one of the attendants opened the door to the back room- that's how you know we've become their instant favortie customer. Another 2 rooms of books that wouldn't fit on the shelves in the main section of the store. More treasures back there but we contained ourselves. So happy to have found this store!

Jonathan came away with 3 Lit anthologies, 1 book on Pop Culture Essays, 1 Book of Essays on American Culture. I left with The Moosewood Cookbook and a few novels (no terrific finds but still I'm happy). We didn't buy @ any new books because I had found a section of used books in a local bookstore earlier this week and bought @ a big stack of Golden Books. I also found a book of Great American Speeches for Jonathan and a middle school level textbook on American government- teacher's edition. The speeches and gov't books will help Jonathan as he gets more into teaching American Culture. A ready access to materials is really what we are lacking. The univ. decides to teach classes but materials may or may not exist for that class. That is where book availability is a life-saver.
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