Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sex sells cigs

We live in a rather reserved country. At least that is what I'm supposed to believe. But slowly we're seeing reserve be thrown out the window in favor of the modern and the material. Today I went to the grocery with @ and in the "busy corner booth" between the escalator and the grocery was the Marlboro display. And already you're saying "They can do that?" Yes, they can. Cigarettes can still advertise on billboards, print ads, and booths with no limits.

This booth is no coincidence. Its very strategic and purposeful. Recently a major representative group announced that smoking was not appropriate in public for its male members and not ever appropriate for women and children and that men should not smoke near women and children. Now there have been smoking bans from cities for many years but they are definitely not inforced. The organization's announcement has met with a great deal of criticism as it is seen to be dictating on details but not concerned with larger matters. And my surprise has been that this is considered a detail. Smoking is not a big deal. Smoking is what we all do, even though large numbers of the population would say they follow the decisions of the organization. This decision has made LOTS of people angry. Tobacco growers, smokers who are members and tobacco companies.
I happened to have my camera with me today and so I snapped a few shots (I didn't really stop moving, thus the blur). The young lady thanked me for taking the picture. I gave a little inside giggle because this young lady is clueless as to what her job represents and what it says (in this culture) about her.
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