Wednesday, December 30, 2009

365 projects start randomly

I like the idea of New Year's Resolutions. I don't know if I like them so much as I don't find them offensive in anyway. But I'm realistic enough with myself to know that if I think of something that I'd like to change or do around december 15, I really shouldn't wait until 1 January to get the ball rolling. Strike while the iron is hot is kind of where I'm at on resolution. Some years ago I thought I need to read the bible all the way through. I bought a one year bible and started on sept 23. Not exactly starting at the beginning I understand but it didn't make sense to wait and I knew I'd get confused by the starting at the beginning. I'm a distractible puppy like that. So wrote the year of the start date next to sept 23 and when I got around to it again, it had been one year and I had finished the bible- right in the middle of Isaiah.

So for the last month I've been playing around with things I want to do. I've got this silly pain in my hip - doctor here said its arthritis but its hard to say if you ask me considering I don't think she did enough to find this out conclusively. I've read about it a little and for some reason it seems walking might be a better form of exercise for it than the biking I ususally do. Websites told me to walk 10,000 steps a day. So for Christmas, Jonathan and I got pedometers. I think its like low tech interactive video gaming. Jonathan and I check our steps throughout the day - so far I need to practically double the amount I'm walking but its only the first 3 days, I'm working on it.

I love the camera I have, except for the fact it doesn't have a remote. I love cameras with remotes. But I've been thinking about a picture a day. Over the next year we're going to be around alot of places and do lots of transitioning. So I'm working on 365 photo project. I'm working on thinking of a venue for sharing them. I don't think that will be here. I've thought about facebook but I don't know that they have much of a format that would lend itself to that. I'm looking at opening a site at 365project. Problem is I have a mental hangup about opening another site. I did that with livejournal and it just didn't take. The thing is that this isn't necessarily about you but about me. I'd like to take nice photos. I'd like to keep pictures of where we go and what we see because I'm a believer in everyday magic. I don't really want to get hyper tied down to captioning for other people, so much as captioning for me, if I want to.

I want to learn local cooking. I bought a cookbook here toward that end. Figuring it'll facilitate language learning in a different way and let me play around with local ingredients with a little more understanding.

I've got a few other thoughts but I'm being called in to look at a superior bed nest and watch restaurant makeover- that is what school holiday's mean for @.
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