Friday, December 25, 2009

an open letter to the people at Pixar

Have you seen the movie "UP"? Well then what are you doing? Go! Go, now! Go see this movie. Break into the Pixar building if you have to (try not to tear anything up). Bring your kids. Bring your 85 year old Grandma. They're all going to love it. Its that good.

We picked up the DVD for christmas. It was supposed to be the christmas present for the 5 yr old boy but really I should have given it to my husband as an anniversary gift. We laughed, began to tear up. And while I was washing dishes I realized, we didn't screen that movie. Normally we try to pre-screen movies just in case they aren't 5 yr old appropriate. Everyone who saw it said it was great and so we didn't think about pre-screening. And it was safe. It was family friendly through and through. And that is a rare quality people. Something that is funny for grown ups generally doesn't entertain the 5 yr old. And often if it does, its because its stoops to the basic and lower insticts- relying on gas humor and inuendo. But this was funny and nice and clean and...sigh...happy family movie.

And as I reflected on Pixar in general, the movies I remember from them all are "family friendly". They're nice.

So, thanks Pixar! You were our movie highlight of 2009. And we're really proud of your content, not just your kickin' movie production.
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