Monday, February 15, 2010

Too many thoughts

I've been thinking on different things that I need to tell the story of lately. But when I sit down to the computer I have a nasty habit of being sucked into facebook and then not making time to tell my own story. Some of the things I've been glancing off of mentally:

  • NBC is the Olympic Nazi. Our country doesn't have any athletes competing in the winter Olympics in Vancouver, but why should I not be able to see them? Because NBC bought the rights for a million years and the little TV station in developing and slightly more developing countries can't afford to pay for them. I think to pay for the rights for the most unpopular event, every person in the country would have to sell their children and then that might not be enough. I can't even view highlight reel of the opening games. Still photos yes, but nothing in video. Even the website can only show me interviews.
  • I'm mad at China again for allowing more poisonous milk to reach the marketplace. In 2008 when they had the problem initially, the government wasn't in charge of overseeing the destruction of poisonous milk. Somehow, wonder of all wonders, it didn't all get destroyed. I find endangering the lives of children appalling. In truth, its better not to get me going on that one.
  • My neighbor started a reading library next door. I'm all for kids reading. I'm not so crazy about kids parking their bikes in the middle of the street and standing watching cars that honk when they can't get down the street. What is hard to figure out about that? Patience. Maybe when they are reading a book they will happen across the concept roadway and parkway.
  • President Obama will be coming to our country in another month or so. Traditionally you call men Pak and their first or last name ie: Pak Jonathan or Pak Moore. If you are familiar with them and they invite you to do so you can call them "Om", Uncle. Jonathan has decided all of our countrymen (who adore Obama), should begin calling Obama "Ombama". It's better than "Barry", which is what they call him now.

I'll come to more things later, this is what I had time for just now.

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