Monday, October 04, 2010


For the last month our weekends have been spent mostly on the road. We knew when we choose to live in Indiana it would mean a lot of trips back and forth to Illinois to see family and friends. We don't really regret the decision. We have this really beautiful spot to live for the year. @ gets lots of time to play in the woods (he's now taken to biking the back trails). Jonathan loves kayaking in our pond. Deer come up to our house. I have put out a few mums. We try to have people over on Friday nights (when we are home) for cookouts. We're each perfecting our individual s'more (s'mores are better with reese's cups or dark chocolate). But September has found us developing a rather curious- live out of the van routine.

Friday goes something like this:
- @ chooses out clothes before he goes to school.
- Jonathan and I load up the van with host gifts, pictures, suitcases, water, car snacks, books on cd, back seat toys/ books
- We pick up @ from school just after 3 and then we head out of town.
- Normally there is a stop for gas on the west side of Indy and or dinner. Then there is the break at a rest stop. @ has choosen a few really nice ones.
- Then we stay with family or frineds on Friday night.

Saturday is a day of visiting with family or friends and being thankful for one day of not driving.

Sunday we spend the morning visiting. Then the question comes (and Jonathan and I feel the pull) if we stay for lunch and we start talking, we're never going to get home. If we're staying in East Illinois, its 3 hours + 1 to get home. If we're in central Illinois, its 4.5 hours +1. Indiana is an hour ahead. So spending too long at lunch and it gets to 3:00 means we're not home until 7:00 or 8:00. And that is before stopping for breaks and gas. Now that is the problem. @ gets home from a lovely weekend, exhausted, needing to immediately go to sleep so that he can wake up for school in the morning.

Its Sunday lunch that kills us. We have the worst time walking out the door, saying goodbye, getting in the car. No kidding getting in the car is impossible. We're talking with the door open. This is the pull of our time in the states. Another minute to visit, to share a story, to play with the nieces and nephew. That is the pull.

We're going to be home for the next 4 weeks or so. We're not planning on making another trip until Thanksgiving. After the baby comes anytway. Then the pull is going to be worse. A few more minutes with baby and family.

I propose you all come live with us at our tree farm (if I know you for real anyway). Then you won't have to go home and I won't have long van ride trips.
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