Monday, May 16, 2011

This started out to be a comment

A few minutes ago I was reading a friend's blog post about her need for a schedule. She was saying she needed schedule and she is typically pretty resistant to it. I was thinking about it while balancing ! on my lap and glancing over at the Verizon bill that I just received and wanted to write a check for and I was remembering that I hadn't yet put a new book of checks in the check book so that would need to be done first and I was noticing that the table (and its surroundings) are a MESS from ! sitting, grabbing, and dropping. Then suddenly in a fit of energy I put ! in her bouncy chair, which she promptly shouted her dismay about, I picked up her toys from the table area. I put away a few things @ had left laying in the dumping ground of the table. I grabbed up a few papers that had been left out following some phone calls I had made previously. I picked up a few papers from my doctor's appointment earlier in the day. I took a few burp cloths back to the laundry room and realized we have a few things laying on the laundry room floor and they needed to be washed. I threw it all in and started the washer. I realized the rug on the laundry room floor had been moved, I picked it up to straighten it and the dirt all fell on the floor. Grabbed the broom and swept the kitchen floor and the laundry room. Saw some recycling, put it in the recycling bin. Remembered I needed a pen to write that Verizon Check with. Its in my planner and my planner wasn't in the exact place it belonged (I'm surprisingly exacting). The place was full of letover stuff from the weekend. I cleared my space and put it all in its place. ! has stopped crying, need to keep moving because quiet time is golden. The dishes need to be put away. While putting away the dishes, I see a bag with a half slice of pumpkin bread in it, munch pumpkin bread, clean out the coffee maker. Think about my husband and what I could do for him to help him today. Finish putting away dishes which he has washed. Think that I would get in a serious tussle with anyone who thought they might have a better husband than mine (a serious throw down even, my husband is that wonderful). Decide to lay out a few things for dinner this week that I know my husband would like. Not for tonight though. Realize I have free minute, I could write a blog. Come to write a blog. Stopped midway through a write that check. New checks with that carbon copy thing- interesting. Think about making rice pudding for my @ again- he likes rice pudding and I have leftover rice. Come back to finish writing the blog and the lady on the TV says she is making a rice pudding too. Indian rice pudding… hmm sounds good. Realize that I've rambled through another blog post and need to get moving towards something else. I do believe in a 15 minute clean. Now ! is bouncing again- she woke up from her 20 minute nap. Rice pudding, yeah…

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