Monday, September 26, 2011

Ode to baby food making

The last few weeks have been full of false starts and getting our hopes up only to be put on hold again. It's been frustrating. One of the things that has made me feel good when I begin to feel sorry that we haven't been able to take our children back to their real home and we haven't started real school yet for @ (and next week is October!) is making baby food for baby !. I made baby food when @ was a baby. In fact back then I had a cookbook of baby food recipes, hints and tricks. When @ was a baby, the cloth diapering made me feel like a better mom on the days when we were uncertain about where we would be living. Something about a clothesline full of bright white cloth diapers made me happy. But with ! its baby food.

The summer has been nice for buying fruit and veg at farmer's market. We have a nice one in the town I'm living near. Both Saturday and Wednesday at the fair grounds and then during the other days I can go around to the road side stands. We've been hit or miss with staying in town so the roadside stand guy has gotten a bit of my business. It's nice to be able to buy a silly amount of zuchini or peaches and then process them at home into whatever I want. As a family we've eaten a fair amount of zuchini this summer and then I've steamed alot to put into the blender for !.


A few weeks ago we were getting ready for a road trip. We go on a lot of those these days. And when on road trips by and large we use jarred baby food. It's hard to travel with a bunch of frozen cubes for an extended length of time in the car. Eventually even sweet potato cubes melt. So I was in the store reading labels and trying to think of what we had introduced ! to and what we hadn't and what she was ready for. This is a huge memory task while being overwhelmed by the grocery experience. So I'm there forever. Young mothers (I'm guessing still in high school) come through and she begins grabbing all manner of things and I overhear her talking with girlfriends (also High School age) about the expense and how silly it seems, certainly baby food making has to be easier. I couldn't help explaining to her in like 3 sentences that really it is super easy. Like if you can boil water, you can make baby food. She's a young girl, there are a lot of ways for her to spend her money and it seems like a cart of baby food just isn't it. I wanted to tell her to come home with me and we could whip some up straight away but I resisted my own oddity. Here's hoping she went through and bought a fresh vegetable, boiled it and blended it.


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