Friday, April 06, 2012

Irrepressible Hope

Some years ago I went with my mom to a Women of Faith Conference. The theme was "Irrepressible Hope". It was fine. The conference was fine. Mostly it was a chance to spend time with my mom and worship together and laugh together. I don't get a lot of those opportunities living a 12 time zones away. But we got t-shirts and so any time there is a chance to get a t-shirt I'm there. I love free t-shirts that say I've done something or been somewhere. I'm easy that way. My t-shirt happened to be huge and only got huger with time. I don't know why. So mostly I slept in it. And because I have a tendency to do the bulk of a day's work in my pajamas, it got pretty scroungy looking. Not something to wear out in public anymore. I got on a wild tear one morning and started painting the living room before I was out of my pajamas- it happens.
When we were last home, mom went through her old t-shirts, which were all nicely folded and I believe she may have ironed some of them, and gave me a pile. Mom isn't a t-shirt wearer but she knows I love them. Lots of School Social Worker shirts that display my love for children and humanity. A little cheesy but that's what you get when you're a t-shirt wearer. She also had her Irrepressible Hope shirt. I swooped down on it. Hers fit right which was an added bonus. I've found that over the years, on particularly dark Jonah days, I'm inevitably wearing the Irrepressible Hope shirt and I'm reminded that I have an Irrepressible Hope. It can't be quenched. It can't be stopped. Hope the tirelessly pursues.
This morning I saw the latest Kony 2012 video and I was reminded of Irrepressible Hope. I was also flipping through Easter blogs. And I was reminded of Irrepressible Hope. Love died for Irrepressible Hope. Love rose again for Irrepressible Hope. We are freely given Irrepressible Hope and all we have to do is receive.
Atticus and I went to swimming lessons the other day and I find it a weekly struggle. I love swimming. @ loves swimming. He has a great teacher. But without fail something comes up thwarting swim lessons. Rain. Schedule conflicts. The pool randomly and without notice being cleaned. This particular day it looked like a monster storm was on the brew. And we went towards lessons anyway. Miracle of miracles, a whole lesson in. Right as we were leaving we had a dozen sprinkles and a huge rainbow came out of nowhere. Irrepressible Hope
And a promise. Not a promise that swimming lessons will happen. Not a promise that the dinner guests will show on time. Not a promise that bad men will be captured. But a promise that Love will hold us steady and firm. That Love died so that we could have Hope but such Irrepressible Love that death couldn't hold it. Because Love is a Living Savior of Hope. And that kind of Hope is irrepressible and begs to be given away.

Happy Easter

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