Sunday, April 07, 2013


The thing is, I had honestly forgotten how to log in to the blog.  No joke.  We've kind of had this wild swirl of activity in the last 7 months.  Undefineable ups and downs.  Serious downs with some peaks really.  Then the computer crashed- which is the high tech version of your dog eating your homework.  And here we are.  Good news, apparently my resurrected computer and my new start page from google really want me to blog because it puts it front and center and somehow I'm already logged in- which is probably a security problem. 

So let's start for today. I've had this stomach ick for about 3 months.  And its the burping, I'll save you the details but I could make high school boys fully loaded with carbonated drinks blush.  I sound awful.  So I've been flipping through my head and my diet and my diet isn't great.  I just need to do better.  The months of highs and lows have been months of highs and lows in the diet too.  I cook a ton but I'm baking more than I'm stir frying.  Meatless Mondays have become "I'll remember that next week."  I have started green smoothies and I think that has staved off worse problems.  I'm going to try to buckle down a little this week, buy some brocolli and tempeh and make a stirfry with rice. 

We've also been kicking over every rock we can find for a visa.  Now, folks, visas for us are like kryptonite, we can't touch them but they strip the life right out of us.  I'm praying for some serious long term victory in the visa department but I'm clinging to hope.  Its never good to be skin of teeth on hope. 

Oh and we moved.  We moved about 10 times in the last 7 months to be exact- no kidding.  Several of the moves were shuttling between hotel rooms.  The next 6 months looks to be more of the same, less hotel rooms hopefully.  But probably a whole house move. 

So welcome back to disconnected blog chatter, I've missed you.
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