Sunday, April 24, 2005


Recently I’ve gotten involved in numerous endeavors that I don’t completely understand. My sister-in-law asked me to upload photos to a rather random online website that was somehow guaranteed to make my life a better place. Begrudgingly I upload and downloaded all in the name that this was for the benefit of the family. Uploading pictures of the boy was really just my way of being gracious.

Next another sister-in-law said that we don’t email enough, why don’t we get a blog? Because I don’t know what a blog is, that’s why. But after hours of questioning (my husband is a terribly patient person) and a survey of friends, I have a web log. Not entirely sure the entire point but I’m working off the idea that this too will make the world a better place somehow.

I wanted to order something online from some place I had never used before. I thought since my credit card offered a virtual account number to protect my card perhaps I should use that. I’ve used this fancy new technology twice and both times I’ve sat in front of the computer with my finger crossed. I always end up with the same problem- I need a state. Africa has no states, just countries. I guess some of the countries have states but they don’t exactly have 2 letter abbreviations. Well maybe they do but they certainly aren’t listed on the web merchants I’ve been visiting.

Truth be told I resist technology and change like the plague. And then when it comes right down to I find that I simply adore these new toys. They are splendid. Give me a week and I’ll wonder how I made it through without them.

I still love sharpening pencils with the hand crank sharpener though. I enjoy the fuss and bother of the thing. My favorite toy in my office is the magnetic paper clip holder. It is really a clever little thing. I keep it next to the pencils in the top left drawer of this big old desk that is roughly the size of a twin size bed.
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