Tuesday, April 26, 2005

decaf coffee

admittedly decaf doesn't exactly do it for me the way regular does but after a year of it, I'm settling in i think. I'm looking forward to August because I will surely be done nursing and then I can stop the decaf and get way into the cappucino, bun, and other caffienated yummies our corner of the world offers. Every morning I wake up, check email, sip my decaf until the boy wakes up. Normally he is up by now so I'm using a little free time to blog. Completely new experience in my day. @ is probably rolling around in his bed though. His new favorite past time is rolling- anywhere and everywhere at light speeds. Yesterday we left him to chase a tennis ball around the hallway/ entry way while we cleaned the office. Our houseworker,W, tried to pick him up and talk to him, thinking surely he would rather be picked up. Not true, he was on a roll and scoot. Happy little boy. He's beginning to perk so the day must begin even on decaf.
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