Saturday, April 30, 2005

Orthodox Easter- groan

Honestly I was fine with living next to the Catholic church before last night. Orthodox easter is today. It’s a month off western Easter this year. Normally the calendars are pretty similar but this year all of the holidays are just a mess. Something about the west being on a Julian calendar and our country’s church being on a Gregorian calendar- maybe that’s switched, I can’t remember. So Easter is today, May 1. Jonathan and I kind of like it because it’s like we get 2 tries to have a perfect holiday experience.

Back to my gripe. For some reason our Catholic Church is celebrating Easter this weekend too. Last night right as A@ had stopped crying about going to bed, our Catholic Church 3 doors down started up with the bells. This was also about the same time that the Muslim finished up the last call to prayer. The bells started and @ started up again. He cried another 10 minutes. After the bells stopped, the chanting/ singing from the loudspeakers started in. I’m guessing Christ rose at about 5:00a.m because that is when the loud speakers stopped. They really did go all night long. Amazing! Not sure who it was though. We live within earshot of something like 6 different churches of 3 different faiths. They all seem to be a little off of one another when it comes to timing. The Muslim call to prayer at one mosque starts a few minutes before the other. Then the morning Orthodox and Catholic prayers start a little off one another too.
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