Monday, May 02, 2005

nappy pastimes

One of my favorite pastimes (at least in the last 6 months) is hanging up cloth diapers on the clothesline. @ wears both disposable and cloth a little everyday. The disposables we call Arabic Diapers because they are made in the middle east somewhere and the package is all in Arabic. The cloth we call nappies; that is what they are referred to as in most of Africa.

While I was in the states I had a few girlfriends that had noble thoughts of using nappies before their first child was actually born. After the kid arrived the idea of washing diapers quickly hit the sidelines and they were left with all of these cloth diapers. Honestly if I were in the states there is no way I would be using nappies. It’s too much work, diapers are cheaper, and are made better. Anyway they were kind enough to give me there stash and then a few people (actually I should say a ton of people) gave me more new nappies. I returned about 5 sets and I still have about 60 nappies. @ uses about 20 a week the rest are arabic diapers. Jon isn’t as fond of nappies as I am.

I boil 5 pots of water on Saturdays to fill the washer and wash nappies. I throw in a little bleach too. Then I go up to the roof and hang nice clean, fresh nappies end to end. They make a really pretty picture I think, gleeming bright white in the sunshine. It makes me happy in a very Mennonite, kindness to God’s creation, simplistic beauty sort of way.
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