Thursday, May 19, 2005

Now I know this isn’t politically correct to say and if people read this that aren’t part of my circle of friends I could really catch it but from my observations this is what I see. You can’t stone the messenger. Well I guess you can but it really just isn’t fair.

So yesterday Jonathan and I went out to a funeral of sorts and no one was there (they put up a tent and mourners come by for about 2 weeks to mourn with the family). Anyway we had time before our next meeting so we decided to go by and get dinner. Jonathan went to check one of the stores for sodas and Pringles, he feels he is personally responsible for keeping up to date on the import situation of these two items. I sat down at the restaurant and ordered. Anyway looking around the restaurant at the people and there is a woman that I can only assume is Muslim. She is dressed head to toe in black veil but you can see her face. Something I have noticed is a notch below the ultimate in faithfulness. Typically the women who are in all black gowns cover their clothes entirely and the black gown is plain. This lady had sequenced embroidery around the cuffs and bottom hem of her black gown. That just seems to me like an Amish person wearing ribbons and lace. The Muslim women here have different levels of devotion. Some are head to toe and face covered, even there are eyes have some kind of covering. Some are head to toe, slits for the eyes. Some are face uncovered. Some are head scarf only. The head scarf only ones are very curious to me. Some are colored head scarf, some are black scarf. But the things they wear with the head scarf are quite odd. I’ve seen one with a playboy bunny shirt and that seems to be at odds with any type of Islam.

Of course as a caveat it should be said that there are a lot of people of varying faiths who contradict their faith in some way or another, not only Muslims. This is just the thing that caught me at a restaurant.
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