Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I have a houseworker. It's something that took me a while to accept but it's necessary. W is a wonder. She works from 2-6 and normally doesn't get in until 2:30. This is fine because for the most part I don't fill her time. She does odds and ends and for the most part is a terrific gift. Monday nights she watches @ and does a bit of cleaning while Jon & I go to a meeting. I have taught her some recipes and found that she loves cooking. I try to show her something and then let her show me the same thing a few days later. Then I have her do it all by herself. She responds well to correction. Leaving @ with W is terrific. I didn't go through a long interview process and I honestly forgot about leaving emergency numbers. @ is still small and so there aren't alot of worries. He's getting more mobile all the time but W's ability to handle him is increasing too. Last night we came home and our babysitter was reading the Bible. How jealous are all of you with kids? Last week we came home and she had made oatmeal cookies.
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