Thursday, May 26, 2005

poisonous yogurt

On Tuesday, my houseworker, W, invited me to a Mehaber, which is like a monthly woman’s meeting. I thought that I was actually going to post-mehaber tea. I brought @ thinking that it would only be an hour or so and W would like having a visit with @ during her free time. W thinks the sun rises and sets in @, even when he cries and fusses at her. Anyway I ended up being a guest to the mehaber and I wasn’t just having tea, I was having a full meal. I left the house at 4:30 telling Jonathan I would be back by 6:00. I didn’t leave W’s house until 7:45.

What was humbling about the whole thing is that the women were very honored to have me come. Silly in my mind. One of the women left after dinner before coffee and came back. She came back after about 20 minutes with a quart of milk. She had left to go and milk her cow so that she could give me a gift. I know a quart of milk doesn’t sound like much but its actually quite a princely gift. Dairy in general here is pretty hard to come by and so milk is a pretty big gift. The problem is of course that I have no real use for fresh milk. Before I left, W told me I could make yogurt with it. Just add 2 Tablespoon of commercial yogurt to it and you have yogurt. So I go home and start the process. I asked some friends today and they said I can’t eat it. Apparently the milk has to be boiled then cooled and then the yogurt cultures get added. Without boiling the milk it could give me some kind of bad thing. Something about having a weak American belly. Apparently I can give it to my girlfriends here so that is good. I just hate for it to go to waste.
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