Monday, May 30, 2005


I didn’t know I was getting into another controversy by having a baby. Before you have kids you have this idea that babies are pretty uncontroversial things. You feed them, change them, snuggle them to sleep and that is all there is too it. But there are all of these gadgets, systems, feeding methods, changing methods, schedules etc that no one tells you about when you announce this new baby. So presently I’m embroiled in controversy.

Just so the world knows, I’m a babywise parent. If you don’t have kids, you don’t know the true power and thrust of that statement. My sisters-in –law turned me on to it. Between them they have 5 kids that are lovely. They were by and large easy babies. The oldest is 6 and she is a gem. I know many will say that wanting an easy baby is selfish but who wouldn’t want to be a happy confident parent. The baby might just pick up on my happy confidence and be happy and confident himself.

The just of this whole babywise thing is trying to have baby become part of the family. Basically the idea (as I see it) is to get baby on a routine so that baby sleeps, eats, and plays to a rough schedule. Ideally baby will be sleeping nights as soon as he is developmentally ready and family has an easy transition of adapting to a new person in the house. At least this is how I’ve used it.

I recently bought the second book and on doing a little homework while buying the book found out that essentially the same book is published as a curriculum (probably for church’s to use as a Sunday School class for parents) with scripture. The curriculum is called “Growing Kids God’s Way”. Personally I think the title is a little fishy, this guy really thinks that this is God’s personally approved system of raising kids- doubtful.

So found out that this is like the world’s most controversial way to raise a child. Did I know this? Absolutely not. So I spent a little time the other day doing a little reading about this whole Babywise/ GKGW thing, reading what that masses had to say- via blog- of course the most reliable source. Walked away feeling like an incredibly terrible parent. Spent Sunday trying to keep my kid from crying. Of course this just so happened to be one of the days when his teeth were going showing no mercy. He doesn’t have teeth yet but the getting them is horrible. Between the teeth and the little insecurity complex he has been going through, Sunday was spent holding, trying to cuddle him; in general making up for feeling like an absolutely awful parent for allowing him to cry himself to sleep on occasion.

Trying to recover from a guilt complex that I hadn’t had until I read I shouldn’t have been happy for the last 9 months. Who knew? @ seemed to be getting on swimmingly. Monday it seems that @ is a happy baby again. Teeth have let up on him I suspect. He spent the noon hour rolling around the living room (into the hall to the entry) and playing happily by himself. Then he let me rock him until he was ready for a nap. Go figure.
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