Tuesday, May 10, 2005

the rest of the story of traffic and tv taxes

Monday afternoon I went into the traffic station, which is this fancy building on the outside of town, to get back the title to the truck. Took about 40 minutes and going back and forth to 8 windows. This window system is such a joke. First went to a guy downstairs to ask where to go. Then went to 36 Right, they said go to 36 left. They filled out a report of sorts, name, age, university completion(I have no idea why), where I live, then sent me to number 70. 70 sent me across the hall to 68, then back to 70. up to 36, they sent me to 60 down the hall. Got a reciept and paide (100 local currency about 7$). Back to 36. Then to 64 where the woman turned over the reciept and scribbled- don't know why or what. Back to 36 where they gave me the title back and I was all done. Tomorrow I have to go get my license renewed. That will be a lot of fun.

TV tax lady hasn't come back but I am working on doctoring up a homemade reciept. Any of the rest of you had any luck finding a reciept for stuff you bought at a yard sale or even for your TV? I doubt it.
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