Saturday, May 14, 2005

unexpected kindness

Friday @ and I went to pay the phone bill. Honestly it had been sitting on my desk for quite some time because I've been procrastinating paying it. I hate going to the telecom office because I end up waiting in line for an hour juggling @ to pay a bill. That seems like a lot of work and time to give someone money. If I want to give away money it really should be easy, at least that is what I think. So off we go to the telecom. When we arrive at 8:40 I thought this is going to be so easy. There were only 8 people ahead of me. Granted there was only one woman working the window and it appeared that she was moving as slow as humanly possible, but hey, 8 people. Can't beat being lucky number 9. So after 20 minutes I'm number 2 in line. Getting out the money and the bill, when my neighbors look over my shoulder and say "is it from march?" Yes of course. "You have to go to bill follow up for late payment." So I scoot on over to bill follow up. Again lucky number 9, but this guy is moving pretty fast. All he has to do is calculate 5% interest and write a little paper. So I get my paper and return to the bill payment line. Now there are 25 people ahead of me but I sit down and @ continues to squiggle. Now the nice part happens when the people at the front of the line call me to the front of the line. I get this a lot because there is a feeling that foriegners shouldn't have to go through all of the same hoops that local folks do. Well apparently the baby greased the wheels again. They didn't want a woman with a baby sitting in line forever. Normally if it is the foriegner thing I don't take the bump, but today it was the baby thing and I had already been there for 35 minutes. So I took my bump and thanked everyone in line. So there is my unexpected kindness. It has to do with baby grease and foriegner grease but it was still unexpected. I should have to say something nice about line waiting too.
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