Thursday, June 02, 2005

a little assist please

I need real help. This blogger help business is junk!! I've done the things that they've told me to do (at least I think I have). and still I have no pictures on my blog. Can anyone give me honest to goodness easy directions? See I have pictures uploaded on snapfish. It took forever to get them there and I already have that software downloaded. I would prefer to not have to download new software from Picassa just to upload pictures to it, to upload to my blog. Its too time consuming and there has to be an easier way. Is there some kind of code I can put into the contents of the blog that would connect it to my snapfish account. See I think that is what I just tried to do, rather unsuccessfully I might add. I dont' know why I was unsuccessful though. I put it into the little thing.

So I'm frustrated. Can anyone help me and do it in English? The other factor here is that at best I'll be working at an internet speed of 31.1- that is on a really good day. Typically its 28.8 or 26.4.
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