Wednesday, June 01, 2005

dirt, flour, and naps

The Sudanese dust is coming in now and it just makes everything gritty. I had W clean off the outside furniture the other day and she left it out to dry. Today it is covered in a fine layer of brown dust. Unfortunately, this wind from the Sudan is dry and hot. So pretty much, my skin is dry, I’m hot and a little sweaty and because I’m sweaty I’m all the better for the dust to stick to. Yuck.

I spent yesterday morning buying flour. This doesn’t seem like a way to spend a morning until you realize I bought a little over 275 lbs of flour. Only 110 lbs of it was for me, the rest went to friends. On Friday afternoon I’m looking forward to buying 110 lbs of sugar, we’ll split it between 4 of us. Presently Salasalu isn’t getting imports and no one is sure when we’ll start again. Sugar and white flour are pretty scarce and the price is going up daily. So if you can find something- you buy lots, lest you pay double tomorrow. My home office has a barrel of white flour sitting in it. Why not the kitchen? There isn’t any room. That is where the barrel of wheat flour is sitting.

We got the nicest package from the states the other day. Actually we have had a series of nice packages from the states in the last week. One group sent us Little Debbie Snack cakes and General Foods Int’l coffee. So I’m enjoying a nap time snack of Chocolate Chip Cookie Rounds and Suisse Mocha- I’m hope the fun never ends.
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