Tuesday, July 26, 2005


My mom has been here visiting us for the last month. She goes home tomorrow evening but has really enjoyed her time here. She has had the chance to be a grandma and do grandma things like babysitting and just watching @ play. It occurs to me now that I need to take more pictures (I’ve probably taken 5 million in the digital realm), that I need to sit and talk with her some more, that I need to take her on another walk around my city. And at the same time I realize that I have done all of those things a ton, but a month once a year isn’t enough. Sara Groves has a song where she talks about families all being together and there are friends and neighbors and food and visiting and it lasts for an eternity. “I wish all the people I love the most, could gather in one place/ we know each other and love each well/ I wish we could all go camping and lay under beneath the stars/ and nothing to do and stories to tell. We’d sit around the campfire and make each other laugh, remembering when/ And you’re the first one I’m inviting …I’ll take every moment and every minute that you’ll give me.” Of course I’ve probably done an awful job at getting the lyrics down but I love that thought. Of being together with all of my dearly loved ones from around the globe. I get really mixed up about home 90% of the time but I’m often reminded of what “home” will really mean someday. Eternity camping isn’t exactly what I was going for but I have a suspicion it will be one of those camping with a lovely fold up house with just enough woodsy surprises to satisfy even Jake. There will be beds, of course, with nice pillows. You all are invited, of course. My mom will be there, she isn’t much of a camper but I think that may be worked out. Jonathan and I will be there. We're hoping to bring @. We'd like you all to bring your kids too. I won't ever get a chance to catch up with them and find out the neat people they are becoming on this earth, but maybe if I could sit around with them for an eternal evening eating marshmallows (oh yeah, they'll be there, and the chocolate bars won't run out).

So what is happening with this blog is that I'm learning to use all of my blogging skills. We got a new digicam the first of the month and now that I'm producing quality, unblurry pics, I thought I would see what I could do. Pictures, links, the whole shmear. That's right Just Pete, check it out!
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