Sunday, July 17, 2005

goings on

The month of July we expected to be quite busy. My mom is here. We're doing some seminars and month long camps. There is travel that would need to be done. But July 1st threw us for a loop and it is only just now that I am taking a morning of down time. Me time (where did I here that from?) Oh that's right, the lady on wife swap last summer while we were in the states. Don't know if you remember this lady but she had "me time" everyday from like 7-7 everyday and then she would give her kids and husband a little time. Most of her day consisted of shopping, exercising and doing her own things. Don't worry I'm not talking about making this a daily thing, I'm just talking about enjoying the cup of coffee and finishing it before I get out the door.

Anyway in my preparation for R&R, I remembered that Harry Potter is out. I'm all excited and I probably won't actually get the book for another month. The B&N people kindly informed me via email that the book is winging its way here now via international airmail, which I have paid handsomely for. Mostly this is for Shawanda and Karen (who LJ I can't post on because they say my IP is a spammer, that just ain't right), please don't give away anything. At least let me know at the beginning of your posts so that I don't read on. Jonathan and I are going to be reading together when it comes and Jonathan is notorious for falling asleep when the good parts come.

All for today. My "me time" begins with nursing @ and doing mom things. Then my "me time" will include taking my boy on a stroller ride and making lunch for guests. This is how I choose to spend my "me time". No shopping and spending lots of money for me.
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