Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Waiting for the internet connection to actually work. This morning we got through at 31.2, which normally makes me smile because that means I might make it through the morning tasks in record time. More blogs to read, more surfing to be done. Well, of course, when you start thinking about that you know your 31.2 means nothing. So I waited 3 or 4 minutes and nothing went anywhere so I disconnected. Got reconnected at 28.8 and now I am buzzing along.

Read articles in the NY Times ( I get the headlines from each of the sections). Something about Pat Robertson suggesting the US kill Mr. Chavez in Venezuela- further proof that Pat might think he lives in a “West Wing” episode that in the real world. He may also not know that we don’t always say everything we think outloud. Self monitoring may be going down the tubes for Mr. Robertson.

Second article was something about how Gap is trying to reach out to baby boomers and I thought good for them. My dress would fall more into Gap for baby boomers than it would Gap for 20s. I was talking with a girlfriend a few weeks ago and her sister works at an Abercrombie & Fitch, Finch, something like that. I don't know the name all the way. Anyway, girl's sister was saying that to get hired at the AF you have to be tanned, cute, and wearing AF clothes. To apply you also have to be invited by someone who works there. Now that sounds rigorous and it sounds like these are unwritten company policies (would some Federal group please start investigating this, I'd love to see that on the nightly news). So it sounds like it is impossible for me to get hired. I think I am cute frankly, and my husband agrees. My problems are going to come in the tan department- I'm the poster child for the American Cancer Society's stance on sunscreen. I bathe in the stuff and wear protective clothing. My feet though are fairly tan- something like a light almond color. Second problem is going to be the obvious. I don't know the name of the company for sure so I don't think I'm wearing their clothes. Also sounds like their clothes might border on the dippy. This friend was telling me about how her sister also works on the Chicago board of trade and so she wears classy professional clothes then goes to work at the AF and has to change into a mini skirt, flip flops and leg warmers- sounds like this dress code was regardless of the season. Now that is an ensemble I would put together as part of a double dog dare (tammy, you hear that, I double dog dare you to wear a mini skirt, flip flops and leg warmers out in public for 3-4 hours. That goes for any of you other girls too).

What have we concluded: I'm not working at the AF probably ever (tears) and I'm probably going to be on the 700 club as a suggested assasination target. Yep, that pretty much wraps up my life.

Next time: my horrible, no good, very bad days and where I am moving.
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