Sunday, August 21, 2005


Yesterday was a nice relaxing day. I was able to get clothes washed and some of them even got dry before the rain. I got to scrapbook, something I haven't really gotten a chance to indulge this summer. September will be better though I'm sure of it. I think now I am only a year behind on the family scrapbook and I have a whole lot of things to add to @' baby book.

Birthday party on Saturday was a success for the most part. Had enough food for people but only just. I didn't get to eat but I had cake and that is really what is important. Trying to get pictures loaded to snapfish for the family but as always it is slow. I forgot that I would have to download the quick uploader again so that was yesterday's task and today I think I'm getting the pictures up in record time. One day I will get them loaded to blog too. My "blog this" link doesn't have a photo link so I think I will have to go through the site. No real problem.

Sounds like @ is awake. He has been completely charming the last few days. Lots of hugging and cuddling and that just makes my day. I think the only time he fussed at me yesterday was when I gave him a bite of lunch that was a little too warm. Today we are getting back on our schedule of going for walks. Oh, now that I say that we probably aren't going on our walk until tomorrow but we are getting back on schedule this week. I am determined.
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