Monday, August 08, 2005

New Arrivals

The pop and the sizzle of a new Harry Potter book may be over for most of you but it is just beginning at our house. Jonathan picked up the book at the post yesterday and we got through the first 2 chapters last night before bed. We read to each other because otherwise we would need to buy 2 copies of the book and that just seems silly. Actually we were in the middle of reviewing the 4th book and so now I'm a little torn between finishing 4 and starting 6. I got over it pretty quickly.

Now the problem comes: do I read Harry Potter or plan my child's 1st birthday party? Everybody and there aunt here says 1st birthday party but I think you'll agree with me when I say we are reading Harry Potter and I have good idea where I'm going with the 1st birthday thing. Don't worry, HP isn't involved. I think we'll do national food and maybe try to find @ the little white suit that boys traditionally wear. I keep thinking I'll take a little "vacation" time after all of our guests leave but it isn't looking like it. The last of our guests leave tomorrow but I have a sale I'm supposed to be planning to. I think I need to forget reading and go to audio books. They use to be our favorite when we were in the states. We drove everywhere and stopped at all of the Cracker Barrels to rent an audio book.
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