Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Juicing and loading

Let me explain about our laptop. We bought this nice little laptop from the people at Gateway 4 years ago. Its been quite a nice little machine and well loved. The screen went out about 9 months after we got here so for awhile the laptop became a desktop and got hooked up to a monitor. While we were home we got that fixed (still under warranty, who knew) and bought a new battery. We were back in business. Now the problem seems to be that the power cord doesn't always connect to the computer. Its become too loose I guess. So we get juice from the wall but we don't get juice into the computer. Sad thing really. And what is really funny is that it seems to charge the computer best when we put it aside and give up on the thing. At the moment we are trying to ignore it while keeping an eye on it, not sure if the computer knows or not. When it gets charged again, Jonathan has a plan to connect USB to USB and hopefully load the Gateway info onto the Dell we are borrowing. I know that is a feather in the Dell people's cap. Honestly we did rather like our Gateway. The reason we bought it was all me. I didn't like the idea of ordering something so expensive over the internet and back then (yep, 4 years ago) Gateway had a store. We got help from a knowledgable service person that we could actually see and touch (not that I spent time touching him, he did hand me his pen though). I'm still kind of old fashion like that. I didn't know anything about purchasing a computer and we were planning on spending over a thousand bucks- you don't just do that with some guy you can't see. So now 4 years later, we'll probably be getting a dell at some point and probably be ordering over the internet. Worst thing is that we will have it sent here and pay duty from here to next week. Yeah, you get hosed in customs on electronics. Anyway all of this to say no pics for a while until we can get Gateway juiced and loaded to borrowed Dell.
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