Saturday, September 03, 2005

Cannot find server- yeah that sums it up

I think I have my rant pretty well perfected. I’ve been working on it on and off for quite a number of days. Things have finally settled down a bit and so now I think I have time to get it out. We’ve had a pretty hard summer. A lot of things happening that were unexpected and border on the tragic and brought with them discouragement and wonderment at our direction. Maybe it isn’t here has been our thought for the better part of the summer. Then on the days when we almost decided it wasn’t here something pleasant would come about. Then again we’d come up against 15 reasons why no one likes us. Everyone has these days, but we just seemed to get a whole life’s worth of them in the course of 2 months. But during one of these days when we realized that everyone hates us, no one like us, let’s go eat worms we talked about if it isn’t here where would we go. And as we were playing the what if and wondering game, we talked about where we thought we might move. We both enjoyed the relaxation of living in a pretend world that we ended up spending the better part of a day talking about it. We decided we would move to Washington. And I woke up the next day feeling like life was a bit better all because I had gone on imaginary vacation in my head. And so today has been rotten again and so I find myself thinking of the paradise that is Washington in my head. It is funny things that make the world a whole lot better place to live and this is one that can get me by in a pinch. Let me stress that we don’t have plans to move there in the near or even foreseeable future. Nor do I think it is a good idea to live in imaginary places, although they are tempting, they are the foothold of discontent. Don’t worry about these things but when I’m grumpy sometimes it helps me to go somewhere where there are never problems. It talks me out of my tree and helps me put into perspective that maybe where I am at isn’t perfect but it sure isn’t as bad as I can get myself worked up too.

The things about the Washington that exists in my head but the nice people of Washington probably don’t know exist
1. There are scrapbooking stores everywhere. And apparently the nice ladies of Washington have time to scrapbook and would like to teach me how to improve. Scrapbooking is a hobby I don’t get to indulge near enough and I would love to go to evening scraps and visit with people that don’t necessarily think like me.
2. It isn’t cold or hot ever and that rain thing doesn’t really bother anyone.
3. Everyone takes nice leisurely drives and goes hiking a lot. We also have complete freedom to walk anywhere and it’s easy to do.
4. I have a pretty good size house there that probably has no problems except the quirky ones I want it to have.
5. The schools are all good.
So as I list out these things, I live right now in a city that has 2,3,4 and even some 5. The scrapbooking thing is lacking but I still have my table.

All of this blog to say, I have a pretty good life, even if I am moving to Washington for a little bit of a few days. Where are you moving?

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